Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 22 - Undefined Soft - Blood Mage

October 09, 2018

Glenn and Eric chat to Bryn and Richard from Undefined Soft about their upcoming procedurally generated slay fest Blood Mage.

Check them out on twitter @UndefinedSoft

Intro music by @TimWhittSound

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 21 - Harvest Hands

September 15, 2018

Glenn and Eric chat with Stephen Page CEO and Creative Director of Goblin Hammer Games, the creators of the upcoming fantasy farming game Harvest Hands. 

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 20 - Odd Gods

September 01, 2018

Glenn and Eric chat with Gil Maclean, Director of Inn Between Worlds and creator of the upcoming game Odd Gods. 

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 19 - The Gardens Between

August 18, 2018

Glenn and Eric chat to Henrik from The Voxel Agents about their beautiful upcoming game The Gardens Between.

Henrik also gives the guys a pep talk about finally releasing their own game.

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 18 - Projection: First Light

August 04, 2018

Glenn and Eric chat to the lads at Shadow Play studios about their upcoming game Projection. 

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 17 - Damsel

August 02, 2018

Glenn and Grae chat to Meg and Anthony from Screwtape studios about their upcoming game Damsel. We discuss Early Access, Kickstarter pros and cons and discuss what they have made whist making Damsel.

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 16 - Goblins of Elderstone

December 25, 2017

Glenn and Eric chat to Gustav from the lost goblin team about their upcoming game Goblins of Elderstone. Even though they are technically Kiwi's, we Aussies always try to steal all the good stuff that comes from NZ.

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 15 - PAX Aus 2017 Recap

November 18, 2017

Glenn and Eric recall their PAX Aus 2017 adventure and reminisce about the awesome indie games that were on show.

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 14 - Dan Hindes Interview

October 24, 2017

Glenn and Eric chat with fellow game dev Dan Hindes, creator of Wildfire! a 2D stealth based fire game.

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 13 - Daniel Burke Interview

September 06, 2017

Glenn and Eric chat with fellow game dev Daniel Burke, creator of the 2D tavern adventure Innkeep!

Contact Daniel on Twitter:


Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 12 - Mitch Perry Interview

July 28, 2017

Glenn and Eric chat with fellow game dev Mitch Perry, creator of the mobile 2D platform Beneath the Basement.

Check out the Beneath the Basement on iOS and Android website:

Contact Mitch on Twitter:


Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 11 - Final Days

June 10, 2017

Glenn and Eric chat with fellow game dev Michael De Piazzi, creator of the 2D top down zombie/mutant survival game.

Check out the Final Days website:

Try it on Steam:

Contact Michael:



Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 10 - Senator Scott Ludlam

May 18, 2017

Glenn and Eric Interview Greens Deputy Co-Leader, Senator Scott Ludlam, to discuss the game development scene in Australia

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 9 - Paradigm

April 20, 2017

Eric and Glenn catch up with Jacob Janerka, creator of Paradigm. A 2D adventure game with awesome voice acting and audio, and unique art.

Catch up with Jacob on twitter: @ParadigmGame

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 8 - Mini Metro

March 26, 2017

Glenn heads over to the mainland and shares fush and chups with the Dinosaur Polo Club team, creators of the hit indie game Mini Metro.

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 7 - Global Game Jam

February 10, 2017

Eric and Glenn catch up with Robbie Bryce, Matt Halse, Fred Mulholland, and Grae Saunders, to discuss the Global Game Jam experience.

Check out their GGJ17 entry: Microwave-O-Rama

Global Game Jam

Reach the lads on Twitter:





Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 6 - Global Game Jam Games

January 18, 2017

Eric and Glenn discuss the 2017 Global Game Jam, Stirfire Studio's Symphony of the Machine, review Into The Sky by Error Seven Devs, 30 Under 30 Lisy Kane, and game experience.

Global Game Jam

Symphony of the Machine

Into The Sky

Lisy Kane

Girl Geek Academy

League of Geeks

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 5 - Game Dev Assistance

December 21, 2016

Eric and Glenn discuss changes to the VET-FEE-HELP, and time management.

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 4 - Little Bit Lost

October 30, 2016

Our very first Game Developer spotlight.

Eric and Glenn interview Grae Saunders, creator of Little Bit Lost. We discuss his inspirations, and how he is able to manage both game dev and a full time job.

Check out his webpage:

Follow him on Twitter: @grae_saunders

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 3 - Game Design Document

October 22, 2016

Eric and Glenn discuss a games problem statement and the game design document.

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 2 - Discovering Your Inner Game Designer

September 19, 2016

Eric and Glenn discuss idea generation and discovering your inner game designer.

Nostalgia Box

Play Perth

Global Game Jam

Aussie Devs Podcast - Episode 1 - Australian Game Dev Communities

August 15, 2016

Aussie Dev Podcast - Episode 0 - Australian Game Dev Industry

August 01, 2016

Join Australian game developers Eric and Glenn, on their first podcast, as they discuss "The future of Australia's video game development industry" senate enquiry papers.

Check out the papers here:

Senate Papers

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